Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Return of the Local Tourist

Over on my old blog I did a series of posts under the label of Local Tourist my idea being that I would visit those places that we tend to forget about because they are nearby but that strangers to the area would visit and after today I can announce that I am planning to carry that idea on over here.

Today I went to a Medieval Fair at Shropshire Lavender Farm and it was really good. It was only a couple of miles from home and although the weather didn't look that promising I decided to give it a go as an opportunity to get my camera out.

 There was lots to see on the living history field and every time I walked around I spotted something new.

The displays were great.
 The live combat was really thrilling and there was some groaning from the audience as some of the weapons hit their targets.

My favourite part was the falconry display though.
And I even managed to catch a couple of good shots of the birds in flight as with this one of the beautiful barn owl.

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